• GeologXL
    Enterprise Geological Mapping
  • Data Visualization
  • SurveyXL
    Enterprise underground and surface survey software
  • SamplingXL
    Enterprise underground sampling solution
  • SpatialBase
    Advanced spatial repository
  • MineModeller
    Enterprise survey solution hosted in Microstation

By PrimeThought.biz

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Mining software suite

This site describes the mining software offerings of primeThought.biz.

Our mining software suite consists of the following products:

SpatialBase – Advanced mining spatial repository
GeologXL – Geological mapping and database
CoreLog – Core logging system
DesignXL – Mine design and planning tool
SamplingXL – Underground sampling
SurveyXL – Underground and surface survey solution
MineModeller – Underground and surface survey in Bentley Microstation
SpatialXL – Excel addin for spatial analytics and reporting

These products integrate seamlessly and store their data in centralized Spatial databases or work standalone.

We support SQL server, Oracle, MySQL and Postgres database backends.

Each product interfaces with all main mining data formats (Datamine, Surpac Whittle etc)